Carpet Repair Services

As part of the Carpet Cleaning process, ACE may need to repair and re-stretch carpets that are in a bad state. 

Ace offers complete carpet re-stretching, repair and patchwork, including padding and tack strip.  No job is too small for our trained, professional technicians.  We have a professional repair team which can retretch and repair your aged carpets, improving the appearance and increasing your carpets life span. 

Carpet Repair & Stretching

Ace Carpet Cleaning offers expertise in repairing damaged carpets in the following areas:

  • Re-stretching:  loose, buckled or wrinkled carpets
  • Patching:  stains, burns, pet urine, worn out areas 
  • Re-seaming:  worn, frayed or separated seams
  • Laying of Carpet: new or used carpets

Avoid premature replacement of carpeting by having Ace repair them at a fraction of the cost of replacement.