Stu K.

This was the first time using Ace. Tyler and Anthony came out promptly as scheduled. Both were extremely nice, very knowledgeable and confident explaining the price and scope of their work. I was impressed by the different apparatuses they had to remove some of the stains. We delayed cleaning our carpets due to ongoing health issues of a family member.  Some of the stains appeared to be permanent and some of the shadow stains where foot traffic was heaviest never came out a few years ago when cleaned.
To our surprise all the stains were removed. I attribute this to Tyler and Anthony’s reluctance to stop trying to remove the heaviest stains. They kept reworking these areas until they were satisfied never.
The result was amazing. My wife and I are so thrilled by the hard work of Tyler and Anthony.
Thank you for doing such a miraculous job restoring our carpet!
We highly recommend Ace!